Post 874 – New WP Theme – Twenty Eleven

screenshot The old Sapphire theme was not “responsive” in that it was a fixed template that only looked good and readable on a computer. This Twenty-Eleven Theme is responsive and looks good on a computer, tablet or mobile..

One thing that I’m going to look into is that while there are images in my Media file, they are not showing up on the associated blogs. They did when I first migrated the site from Opera, but somehow they have gone amiss. I was kind of hoping that installing the new theme might solve the issue,but it didn’t.  If there isn’t a quick fix, it will take a lot of time to edit each blog post. If anyone has any ideas, I sure would appreciate the feedback.


Post 873 – Opera Blog Closing down, transfering to WordPress

p-872 MyOperaBlogging I got the notice on 2013 Dec 19, that  Opera  Blog will be closing down their blog site on March 1, 2014. That got me scrambling as I had nearly 900 posts on my Opera Blog. They recommended migrating to WordPress, and as I already had an account set up years ago, but wasn’t using, I decided to move the Opera posts to this site.

Unfortunately, when I logged in to my dashboard, and tried to view my site, I found that my account was suspended for violating the Terms of Service. That was weird as I only had 5 or 6 posts on it form years ago. While I couldn’t see my blog, I was able to start the process of importing my Opera XML files.

p-872 wordpressI then sent an email to WordPress, telling them what happened and what I wanted to do and waited to a email reply. I never got one, but this afternoon, I checked this site and low and behold, everything had been transferred. BIG weight off my shoulders… Thank you WordPress..

BTW, I had stopped using Opera back on Jan 22 2012, when I installed WordPress on my Website…..   WordPress Blog