Post 9 Being cold…

’07 Jan 11  I’ve complained about being cold before and now the past few days I’ve also been staying up later than normal. I’ve been going to bed around 1:30 a.m. and then I was having a hard time getting to sleep as I’m cold. The temperature is around 19C and I have a sheet, light comforter and a fleece bed spread and I’m wearing PJ’s and socks and I was still cold.

Actually thinking back, I’ve been feeling colder than usual ever since my experiences with Corrine a few years back. Not that I was never cold before but I’d seldom get this bone chilling cold when the temperature was normal, unless I was sick…

I remember back in November of ‘02. I did a quest and spent three days and nights in a tent in the woods with no food— just water and a candle for warmth. The temperature ranged from minus 6 C at night and rose to 0 or +2C in the day time. It was also overcast, with either freezing rain or snow and to add to the misery, there also was also a bone chilling wind… I was cold then…. and had reason to be.


UPDATE: ’07 Jan 14 After writing that in my journal, I gathered a few crystals and put them under my pillow. I have been warm in bed the past few nights and have even slept with my arms outside the covers… Things that make you go Hummmm.

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