Post 12 Chat with Irene

’07 Jan 12    I called Irene today and we got into a lot of topics including my not writing my book. I’m not going to go into the conversation, but merely list the key issues and points that came up for my further consideration.

This is the list: Afraid of life, Afraid of desire, Guilt, Responsibility, Fear of failure, No control, Having to be perfect, Imprints, programs and beliefs, Fear of success, Fear of the unknown, Sabotaging myself, Fear of self, Self doubt, Preaching, holier than thou, Advice, Opinion, Superior, Different lonely, What’s the use, What’s the point, Judgment on what other people are going to say about me, Fear of criticism, Trying to be and do everything at once and being perfect, Imprinting of the “other” side, Seeing past page one, Getting other people to understand, This is bigger than just the Earth.

I never got any insights, but there were a few words and phrases that struck a chord in me. I’ve put the ones that seemed to hold a clue in bold.


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