Post 2 A Friend has a Baby

’07 Jan 05…. I received an E-mail from a woman I had met when I was in western Canada three years ago. During the few months that we saw each other we had some profound insights and healing experiences. We’ve kept in touch and she last E-mailed me in August and although she never mentioned it, I picked up that she was pregnant. She acknowledged that I was correct, but said no more and I never heard from her until now. She sent the above picture of her son. When I saw him, tears welled up in my eyes as I felt that he was somehow a part of me.. I can’t really describe what I felt or why I felt it but it was like I was looking at myself.

In her e-mail she also mentioned the phrase, “May you find your issues in your tissues.” She commented that she didn’t know why she wrote it only that she needed to say it. I got a similar message a long time ago that our issues are in our tissues. That the energy of the unloving experiences that we have experienced are locked up in various parts of our tissues, bones and even our blood and DNA.

That activated me to write several pages on illness, aging, unconditional love, desire, the Will, the so-called fall of man, Lucifer and death, but it’s too long to post here….


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