Post 15 Truck needed a new battery

I've been suspecting that there was something wrong with my battery for a couple of weeks as the oft time it seemed to stuggle to get the engine turning over, but as the truck always starts in the first second, so there was never really any problem… Well the past few days the temperature has been colder than normanl and today it tried to start it but it only gave me three weak two second attenpts and I knew that it just didn't have it… Marian gave me a boost and I took it in to the service station that repaired my stabilizers in the fall and got Dan to put in a new battery as the old one had one dead cell.

So… While this is about the truck… battery… and no energy… To now new battery, new energy… So what is this also telling me about me?

I just remembered that on the last day I worked at Dollarama, Dec 31 2006, I had the strong urge that I had to buy a new fork, knife and soup and desert spoon… While that has to do with eating.. that is also connected to energy…

Hummm, I jsut flashed to Corrine saying. "May you find your issues in your tissues." and that also has to do with energy and my body… Lots of little "clues" but no answers…


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