Post 17 Consciousness, Creation, Singularity, Polarity, Fragmentation, Lucifer, Black Holes, Magnets and more!

Thursday, 19 January 2007

It was another interesting, to say the least, early morning as I wrote over ten pages in my journal. I was getting insights into God, and the origins of Lucifer and the Psychopathic Killer, as related to fragmentation, attachments and polarity. How they are of the same essence, but yet how they are completely different, opposite in polarity. I was also tapping into God awakening into consciousness, and how “it” discovered himself and then differentiated, to experience form and his feminine polarity opposite. There were also insights on Heart and Body, as well as insights on singularity and the event horizon, black and white holes, magnetism, polarity, and the Fibonacci curve as it applies to creation. There was also insights on consciousness seeking to be free and expand and consciousness seeking to control and compress and there was the concept of separation, yet there being no separation. Other topics were Imprinting as it related to Original Cause and creation was another important topic, as was about the path of least resistance.

R.U.O.W. came up over and over again and I got the feeling of being overwhelmed. That all this is so new and huge and that I’m just beginning. I saw an analogy of what I'm experiencing as I flashed back in 1966 and studying electronics at DeVry Tech. At that time, transistors were just coming into the market and you could buy small portable radios and tape recorders using this new technology. Look where technology is now! Some of the stuff that is common place now, wasn't even thought of, or even thought possible back then… That's kind of how I feel now.

As I was feeling all this I head a soft voice of Astrid, my spirit guide, reassuring me when she said. ”Start with a step, then take another. It’s all about the journey, not the destination, there is no destination.”

Again, I’m going to post some photos as “food for thought” JR

I choose this "artist concept" picture on the left as it show a link or portal to the "other" side of the universe. The picture on the right is another version of the Fibonacci curve, only in reverse to how this universe is expanding. While on one side of the universe the curve is going in a clockwise rotation, while on the other of the same universe, it's going in a counter clockwise rotation. (Think of the hands on the face of a clock on a piece of glass and then look at it from the front and then from the back.)

Pictured here is the Fibonacci curve,(numbers) Nautalis and two omphalos. These are examples of creation evolving and expanding. As noted above, it can also be used in reverse, to compress.

The last three pictures are of magnets. The one on the right shows that while the magnet has opposite poles, (N) and (S) (polarity) they are also aligned and in harmony. The energy fields are attracting each other and flows from one pole to the other without conflict.

The picture on the bottom right, shows two different magnets and again the poles (N) and (S) are again they are aligned and the energy or force field is unified and is flowing between them…

The picture on the bottom left again shows two different magnets but now where one magnet has revered it's polarity and we now have a (N) pole facing a (N) pole. Now we see conflict and repulsion, not attraction, as the force fields are repelling each other.

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