Post 19 New WebSite

I have a couple of free web sites that have changed their service recently and I was having problems with them just as I was having problems with "Blogger" and so I had to make a change. I've been busy the past week, getting a couple of web sites transferred to another site and today, it's finally finished. I've changed most of the links to the new site "About me" and "My manuscript".

This is not a permanent situation either. I have a domain name "saysame" and it's just in a parked account for now. I plan to get a host site where I can combine all the different sites I have in one place. I've been stalling and taking the easy route as all the free web sites have had an "on site" web editor that made it easy to build a basic site. I have "Dreamweaver" and "Contribute" on my laptop, but I don't really know how to use them. I basically set this new site up using "Coffee Cup" HTML editor, and even that I was just using the basics along with what HTML I had learned a few years ago when I was putting up the other sites.

If any of you are interested in a "free" web site with some decent disc space and bandwidth and no or very little text advertising, then check out these sites…

Free Web Sites


Runboard – Message Boards

Web Browsers
Opera It's fast has some nice features and it also blocks a lot of pop ups and nasties.
Firefox is also a good browser, but it's been getting slow with all the features it's been adding, but it has some features that Opera doesn't so between the two of them, I'm happy… Notice I didn't even mention….. 🙂


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