Post 21 Issues in your tissues.

Two weeks ago on Jan. 15, in post #2… I mentioned that a friend wrote “May you find your issues in your tissues.” A week later, on Jan. 22 in Post #18… I mentioned how parts of my bones were hurting… Well another week has gone by and since then the pain moved into my muscles which became sensitive to any undue pressure or strain… In the past couple of days I’ve felt like I was coming down with something, as my kidneys were beginning to hurt and I could also feel a strain and labor to my breathing. Well I woke up this morning felling like I got hit by a truck. I was hurting all over including all of my insides, and I also had a dull headache. Whatever it is, it’s moving, but exactly what, where, how, why, etc, I don’t know yet.

I had gotten into a nice exercise routine a few weeks before I started working at Dollarama, but work seemed to get in the way so I gradually stopped. I’ve wanted to get back to exercising after the New Year, but that’s been put on hold with all this that’s going on…


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