Post 27 Lucifer and the Psychopathic Killer

I feel I need to do this material that I got between post 16 and 17 before number 28 makes any sense. For those who are not into R.U.O.W or are not open to new ideas, this will probably not be of interest to you.

'07 Jan 18 I found this picture on the net and at first I thought it was a mirror image or a reflection of the same page. But when I looked closed, I saw that the text was different on each page. In the photo, I saw Lucifer as the top pages and God as the bottom. That made me think of fragmentation and I then realized that Lucifer is not God, but rather is a part of him…

I used to believe that Lucifer was a mirror image of God in that Lucifer had the same mind, thoughts and ideas as God, but that's not the case. Also, while Lucifer has his own light, he is not the parental part of God, but a piece or a fragment of him. He is a part of God's light, but a bright, harsh, bluish white light, that has broken off of the main Light Body of God and in the process, he has also reversed his polarity.

When Lucifer broke off during the second strike at the Will, he took the first or top pages of the book with him. He doesn't have a clue about what the rest of the book (God) is like and neither does God know what Lucifer knows as those pages are missing and are with Lucifer.

Now the Psychopathic killer is represented in the lower picture as a red line (the best I could do quickly on my "paint" program) The Psychopathic killer was the first strike by God at the Will and I feel that the Psychopathic Killer is more like the cover of the book of God. He again does not have the same mind, thoughts or ideas as Lucifer or God but he is of the same energy. He is basically running on imprints but is also of reversed polarity to the extreme. I feel that Lucifer is in between God and the Psychopathic Killer, and although Lucifer and the Psychopathic Killer are apart from the main body of God, they are still attached and connected to it. It's through these attachments (portals) that these reverse polarity entities, energies, work in this polarity and reality.

The Psychopathic Killer has fragmented in all manner of forms to being death to the Will, to anything and everything that is of a magnetic nature that moves. Lucifer on the other hand has also fragmented into numerous forms but he seeks to CONTROL the Will and its movement, not kill it. Lucifer has a sort-of-control over the Psychopathic Killer, but he also hasn't, as when the psychopathic killer is let lose, uncontrolled, it's doomsday.

Lucifer has been trying to take control, to take Gods place but he fails to realize that he is not the main SOURCE of the Light, Love and Life, but that he is a part of it that has also been reversed and that he needs to return to the source. He can't destroy God and take over because that would also be destroying himself and everything else in the process, and God's not going to let him do that. All that Lucifer can do is what he has been trying to do, ever since he came out of the darkness and pretended he was one of the Archangels. And as long as God was in denial, Lucifer had power over God and had a hand in the creations that was being formed.

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