Post 28 The element of Fire

’07 Feb. 04 7:10

I was only going to give a summary of what I got this morning but as I began to type, I felt that I needed to share the whole package.
I awoke with the question. Why do the elements do evil, why are they unloving? Fire burns and destroys yet the absence of (heat) fire is cold and it freezes things to death and destroys them. Air has tornados, cyclones and hurricanes. Earth has volcanoes and earth quakes. Water has waves, ice and rain.

Hummm It seems like fire is the one that affects all the other elements causing them to react as they do, as all the above issues involve some form of heat. Heat even affects space causing objects to expand or shrink in size (space)

Heat comes in many forms, from an open flame, to lava, friction, chemical and electrical to now nuclear. Nuclear energy has been developed by man and is now capable of not only destroying the Earth, but also all of creation as Earth is the Magnetic center of the universe and if it goes, so does all of creation…

Humm? So is fire in its various forms the psychopathic killer of creation, going to either extreme to kill any form of life or living essence, including itself? R.U.O.W. mentions a hot dry wind that destroyed a universe and that also ravaged the Earth.

Fire can also be found in Humans as we generate heat in order to live, as do animals. We, as well as animals, can also emotionally explode in the heat of anger and rage and then withdraw and give others and everything the cold shoulder. So if fire affects humans and animals in the same aggressive way, what about plants? Most plants need fire and warmth to grow, too much fire and they get burned. Not enough and they grow weak and frail.

While that is a simplified version of the outside, how does fire affect the internal? Since plants in general are rooted to the earth……

Ahhh! But other plants take over another plants place, we call them weeds, choking out other plants, being aggressive, living off others. Then there are the fungus, algae, and bacteria that also live off other plants and animals. Humm? Now we are getting into the microscopic organisms that live within the space of others. I’m comparing this aggressive action of plants to the aggressive action of animals and humans, the fire of anger and RAGE.

Fire exists in some form or another in all of creation, question is, is it natural? It seems to be the only element that has the power and desire to control and destroy any other element or living thing in its path. 7:39 a.m.

7:41 a.m. At the same time, fire is essential for life. The sun is fire and gives us light and heat. For the most part, plants and animals need light and heat to live but there are certain species of plants and animals that can live in the dark and in extreme cold.

Question is, why don’t or didn’t the other elements, earth, air, water and ether(space) go out of balance like fire seems to have done? Why is it that fire seems to be the only one that is out of balance and is creating havoc and death? The word CONTROL popped up a couple of times. Why is fire out of control?

Hummm? You can have a “natural” balance of the elements or you can try to “control” the elements to try to find a balance that appears natural. Two entirely different things.

Hummm! Intent is the underlying factor and with intent is “love.” Unconditional love is balance, while conditional love seeks to control the balance “of power”

Ahhh! I just got that Fire was the first element that was created. God, (Father/Mother) had no physical bodies, only the ether of essence in which they were coming into existence. The Father (Spirit-Mind) is light, electrical (Fire and heat) in nature while the Mother (Soul-Will -feelings) is sound and magnetic in nature. This was all happening at the very beginnings of the awakening of consciousness. There were no other elements yet created. There were no thoughts or even words to describe them.

Ahh! That’s why fire and heat are essential for life as they are Spirit. Hot and cold are polarities. So if Spirit is heat, the Soul must be cold. Or… do they each have both qualities? Is there something else going on?

Getting back to what I had a moment ago. When the Spirit moved to get rid of the thing, the “it” the Mother as he didn’t want to be disturbed. When he did that he didn’t know that she existed as a part of his being, as he wasn’t yet conscious enough to know that differentiation was taking place. She (the Mother) was only stirring into consciousness and it was this stirring the he felt. The energy that he send, that broke off or fragmented from him, went to strike or attack the mother. This was an electrical charge that created an electromagnetic fire when it struck the magnetic Soul, the Mother of creation. Part of this reverse polarity light energy penetrated the Will, but part of it was reflected back and struck the fragment (the Psychopathic Killer) and also Spirit. This seemingly innocent and ignorant action created the imprinting that was to set up a blueprint for all of creation.

8:00 a.m. Spontaneous combustion is an example of this unbalanced energy where it destroys most of the other elements in the Human physical Body and affects little else, except the person’s clothes that they were wearing or they chair they were sitting in.

Hummm? I was thinking of the Kundalini energy. Is the energy from Mind to Emotion hot? And is the energy from the Emotions to the Mind, cold? Is that why I have been feeling so cold recently? Are my emotions trying to reach my mind? I guess, no, I know, that if my Mind was listening to my emotions, that I wouldn’t be feeling cold. 

8:21 a.m. So if fire is not balanced, then that explains the why and how it become unbalanced and also how it reversed its polarity, as only reversed polarity energy wants to control or destroy. The other elements also have polarity but it is only their association with fire that creates the extremes and imbalances within their essence that also creates destruction and death. But, there is more, a lot more to all this

We would like to believe that God and Creation, are balanced, but in actuality, they aren’t. What brought creation into imbalance was Original Cause, the first strike at the mother that created the reversed polarity (RAGE) fire element that wanted to hunt her down and kill her. The second strike, the second fragment, was Lucifer that went out into creation to try to control the Mother since the psychopathic killer didn’t do his job. Since then, these two reversed polarity energies have been creating havoc, death and destruction throughout the universe. All things in creation have been affected by the actions and resulting imprints, of these two original splits in consciousness.

While there is a balance, there is also that which seeks to control the balance and this creates the imbalance. The element of fire that is balanced gives and promotes life. The reversed polarity rage aspect of fire is the energy that tries to destroy life and it is that energy that creates the imbalance in creation. All things that we believe as nature and “natural” and a part of life are in fact false, as the opposite is true.

For essence and consciousness that is seeking life and to evolve and experience itself, death or the absence of consciousness is not its desire and therefore.. is not Natural….

Humm! It’s interesting! Nature and natural. I’ve been recently drawn to a website template that is called “Natural.”

That essence which is seeking to control, needs to, and will find its right place outside the aspects of this creation so that a new blueprint of creation, one of balance can be experienced by essence that is seeking life and love.

While I have been focusing on the Spirit or Father aspect of original cause, there is also the Soul or Mother perspective. She has of course her opposite polarity of this denied rage. This denied reversed polarity rage aspect goes out, but instead of trying to kill as in making the first strike, this RAGE fragment wants revenge, to get even, pay back for getting hurt, to even the score, and eye for and eye, and it is also dominating and controlling. There is more, there always is…


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