Post 29 Laptop – Kaput, mort, guasto, muerto, meptbo, dead!

Well I guess you're wondering where I've been for the past few days. I've had a couple of glitches with my laptop and I've had to do a system restore the other day. I got the message from my intuition on Tuesday to do a back up and save my files, but I was in the just in middle of getting back into writing my book so I felt I'd do it after I finished that section. Wednesday came and I got my external hard drive out but still wasn't finished and by 10:00 pm I was tired so I said, it will wait until tomorrow..

Well Thurdsay came and I was on the net and I left to get a second cup of coffee. I came back and there was a black screen where normally my screen saver would have kicked in. I re-booted my computer and scan disk came up, so I let it run… Twenty minutes later it was still at running at 9% so I shut it down.. I waited and rebooted.. nothing…. but a black screen. I waited and re-tried but all to no avail. I called the local computer repair place and he said that Acers were know for that and that it was my hard drive.

I took it in and he said he'd have to order a drive and that he would have it fixed by Friday.. Well I called and the drive hadn't come in yet… They're open tomorrow, so maybe it will be fixed by then, if not it will be late Monday..

When I get it back I'll have to re-install all my programs or rather all the programs that I use as well as having to go back and re-write all that I wrote before it crashed… Just another classic example of me not listening to my intuition…

I was wondering whay all this was happening and I realized that what was lost was PROGRAMS, computer programs some of which I no longer need or use but have been hanging on to "just in case." Now I can install just the programs I need and the rest can stay off my computer and lighten my load.

This past wek I was also looking into getting a real website where I can bring all my sites together under one roof and also be able to expand like I want to. Yep. I'm talking paying for a site and putting an end to most of the free ones I have. They were OK as they got me this far but now it's time for a change.

I also realized that back on Jan 17 (post 15) I had to get a new battery for my truck..
Battery = energy…
Computer = memory + information…

Things that make you go Hummmmm?


UpDate: Feb 10 Sat. Good news and bad news. I got a call from the computer shop saying that it wasn't my hard drive as I was told over the phone, but that it was something else and that he would be looking into it on Monday…

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