Post 30 New Laptop

Well I don't know what's going on and what all this means in the BIGGER picture, but I had to buy a new Laptop. I got the word today that the motherboard and video card were toast in my two year old Acer and that it wasn't worth the money to fix as for a few hundred more I could have a new one.

So I went out and bought myself a Toshiba 100 that still had Windows XP Media… The stores were pushing Vista but I make it a point not to get one that has the new Vista Spyware and controls… Windows Media is bad enough!… I'm going to be installing Zone Alarm as a firewall and then I'll disable all the microsoft functions that I can, especially the automatic ones… I'm not even going to bother with Internet Explore as I'll stick with Opera and Firefox as my browsers. And if the Microsoft music and video programs give me a hard time… "poof" they can sit in the background too. It's too bad that Microsoft is a monopoly and as such, has the industry and us consumers, litteraly by the throat..

I should be back on the internet with my computer tomorrow and then I'm going to tie up the loose ends with the stuff that I lost before the crash..

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