Post 31 Change and Confusion

I've been working at installing my old programs and documents on my new computer and I'mfrustrated with Windows XP Media. While it works similar to the old XP home that I had before, it also works differently. One of the things that I don't understand is why they've apparently done away with the file extensions like .doc .jpeg .gif .bmp etc. I'm not sure how that is going to work in building and editing a web site as file names are critical from what I have experienced. Dah!!! So having just said that, I've uploaded these pictures and lo an behold, the file extensions are there… they're just not part of your description..

I've also realized that I'm not so much afraid of Change, but of CONFUSION, that comes alone with change. Having to figure things out and do things differently without a guide.. Oh sure! I could go on the net and search for what I think it might be called, but then again, the wording may have changed so I don't even know what to look for… I've also stopped looking to Microsoft for any help as all that I ever seem to get is the old run around.. clicking link after link until you're back to where you started from… Ahhhhhh!

Working on this new computer also reminds me of my journey and the confusion in going where no one has gone before. Taking the road that's going in the opposite direction of where I used to go, the one that I was familiar with…. Hummmmm. I can see and feel that I need to work on my issues of confusion… and that also has to do with control and in being, or not being in control… Also being out of my element, my comfort zone.



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