Post 34 – Body heat – Blood – Bacteria – Viruses – Cancer and Nano technology

These past few days I've been thinking of fire, but in a different way… in terms of how we have heat in our body and how we are only able to live if our bodies are within a certain temperature zone.

(Degrees C) Symptoms
28 ____ muscle failure
30 ____ loss of body temp. control
33 ____ loss of consciousness
37 ____ normal
42 ____ central nervous system breakdown
44 ____ death*

Humans are considered warm blooded animals because we have an internal heating system that regulates our body temperature… Other warm blooded animals… mammals, also have internal healing systems, but there is also the exceptions as there are some mammals that hibernate and basically slow down their bodies functions. Animals, mammals, fish, reptiles and insects, etc. blood also have different blood than humans do. Humans also have different blood types and I was wondering why?

On the other end of the animal scale we also have what are called cold blooded animals… reptiles, fish and insects, where their body temperature is basically regulated by their environment. They can heat their body up by being in the sunlight or a warm place,or decrease it by finding shade or another means of cooling off. This ability also allows them to eat a lot loss food as they don't have to keep their bodies warm like warm blooded animals. Interestingly enough, there are also cold blooded animals that also hibernate when the climate and/or food is scarce.

From blood, I went on to the immune system and then to inflamation and disease. I was confused by the terms Bacteria and Virus and as I searched the net, I found it not only interesting, but fascinating that bacteria are self contained living organisms capable of reproducing by themselves without the need of a host… On the other hand, Viruses are not really considered a living organism… They can lie dormant for thousands of years and when they're exposed to the right conditions, they have the ability to become active and feed upon their host. In feeding on and destroying their host, they sort of become alive and only then, are they able to multiply.

So a virus is basically a Psychopathic Killer…waiting for it's opportunity and chance to destroy another living organism so that it can multiply… basically it's a non-conscious, killing and feeding machine. While some bacteria is useful to our bodies others are not, but that can't be said for a virus, as there is nothing good about it….

That also made me think of cancer…. and how it attacks the body in a similar manner to a virus… The next obvious question is, what allows these micro-organisms to attact seeming healthy cells…. or…. do the cells only appear to be heahthy, but aren't… and if so, why are they not healthy?

I also found out that Nano technology is involved in this as they use viruses to not only create and manipulate matter on a cellular, molecular and atomic level, but to also enable it to have electronic applications.

Things that make you go ….Hummm?


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