Post 35 Yet another twist…

Well just when I thought everything was back on track…. I got re-railed… My laptop started acting up last friday night… Nothing was consistent and there were a lot of intermittent little things… that could have been anything…. from an error I made… to the internet connection… to a site having problems… or…. my computer

On saturday, things got worse and I was suspecting the computer. I did a system restore, but that didn't help… Then late Saturday afternoon, I lost all support to my USB ports. My external keyboard, mouse, printer and USB dives wouldn't work… Luckily the mouse and keyboard on the laptop were still working and I could still save my files and stuff to a CD. I backed up what I could….

Sunday was no improvement so I took it back to Staples… I knew that it wasn't a virus, tojan, worm or anything like that as I've experienced what they do. The glitches also reminded me of the problems and issues I had with my old computer. They have a two week return policy and after explaining all the intermittent problems I was having, and seeing that this was the second time I've been back, I told them that I felt I have a "lemon"… and I asked for a NEW Laptop… which the gave me without a hassle.

I went home and set it up and was surprised that although it's the same laptop and same Windows Media program… things were different… I saw and had to do things that I didn't do on the original install… Needless to say, I have re-installed everything and there hasn't a glitch… I'll be back to my re-doing my book tomorrow…


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