Post 42 Building a website? ! ? !

Hi again,

It's been a while since I've posted as I've been busy trying to get my own website up and running. After I got through with the of hassles of selecting a web host, I had to transfer my domain name as my son had set it up for me a couple of years ago. Then there was the transferring of the DNS (Domain Name Servers) to my account and the waiting for that to process itself. As that was happening, there was also the question of a website template, and so I searched for something that I would not only like and use, but that I could also understand.

Well that led me into getting a web editor that I could also use and understand. I have dreamweaver, but it's far too complicated to learn without having someone that knows the ropes. I checked out some of the tutorials, and that even further confused me. Finally I got it worked out that between Trellian, Nvu and CoffeeCup I was able to get a template looking and working like I wanted it.

Ahhh, but there is more… So now that I had a webpage on my computer.. the next trick is to get it on the Internet and for that you need to use a FTP client (File Transfer Protocol) which my web editors can do… once I figure out what the editor is saying and what the web host (where my site is going to be) is asking for.

Well today I'm frustrated….. I can see why people stay with FREE sites as setting up a web site is a nightmare…I admit that I'm not familiar with the terminology, but there also doesn't appear to be any industry STANDARD or uniform WORDS used to define specific details or functions… and depending on which article you read, or tutorial you watch, definitions change.. For example.. a domain "name" can also be called… title, project, site name, site title, company title, Company name, business, etc. etc.

What's also confusing and frustrating is that even in a specific help tutorials, you see them type in one word on one screen… but on the next screen… a different word or file pops up with no explanation… So DAH! what just happened? They were talking apples before and now they've switched to tooth picks… For example, one of the Dreamweaver tutorials starts off with how to upload your FTP files but before you do, they go off talking about CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) used in web template design.

Also, as a "Newbie" there is no order or sequence to the tutorials… meaning that >>>if<<<< THEY who wrote the tutorial… knew what they are doing and are teaching me… then they need to tell me that before I can do step 4, that I have to read and be able to do steps 1,2 and 3 so that I know what I'm doing when I get to step 4. It's like doing multiplication without knowing how to add and subtract.

First I tried uploading up my own website via FTP but I kept getting error messages that I was unable to resolve. To add to my fustration and confusion, I had difficulties accessing my cPanel (Control Panel) that was either blocked or would shut down, so I didn't know what was going on of if teh files were uploaded.

Next I looked at the WebHosts own On-Site RVsitebuilder but they only had a couple of templates that didn't look cheesy, cluttered and impractical and you couldn't or weren't allowed to change them… One thing I did like was their but editor and their web design format. I also looked at the option they had of uploading my template but I got repeated ERROR MESSAGES..

I then wrote my web host Cirtex, for help and got a non-answer answer suggesting I contact RVsitebuilder… I contacted them and it turns out that RVsitebuilder sent me a ten page document on what I needed to do to prepare and upload my own template… (Not a Newbie thing)

As all of this is going on I still keep getting locked out of my Cpanel and error messages on my website… Sometimes my old site would be up and then the next time I checked I'd get the following message >>>> 404 not found along with some data..

So.. then I finally got back into my Cpanel account.. (via my old email info) and I thought I'd try to FTP my site files but again I had error messages… I then decided to try to set up soholaunch… another on-site Websitebulider… Now they have nicer, cleaner templates, but their editor and design format sucks… Anyway.. Last night (March 21) I picked a template and created a site… I even uploaded a picture and my files. It was all saved and working Honkey Dory and looked OK in Opera, Firefox and Explorer, and all my links were working… both on and off site..

Anyway.. this morning… NOTHING… the New Website is gone…. My old Website is back… I can't log into my Cpanel Account with the bookmark link I had last night… I have to go back to my E-mail info and get back into my account that way… This is CRAZY….(Scratching my head)…. and I'm losing my PATIENCE…. 🙂


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