Post 43 Insights on confusion and Ywrite – writers program

In my last post I spoke of my on-going issues with my website… Well this afternoon I got a reply from Cirtex and they restored my original template that I put up on March 18… I quickly accessed my control panel and did a small edit on the site being "under construction"…

I went out this afternoon pick up some groceries, and I realized that as confused and frustrated as I was with getting me website up and not knowing the proper steps, is exactly how other people feel when they are trying to follow what I am saying and doing. I know where I've been and the markers and sign posts along the way.. but they don't. They need to know the meaning and feeling of the words I use and to be shown, step by step what it is they need to do in order for them to get them selves out of their confusion and create the new world on their own. There is no Internet path that I can follow (that I know of) that will help me set up a website in the way that I want, without having to have someone else do it for me or without having to spend years leaning a program that is basically absolute in thee years.

This journey that I'm on is not about doing it for others… but to teach them how to do it for themselves, to get past the double talk, mumbo jumbo and psycho babble and just lay it on the line and tell it like it is….step by step and you learn as you go.

Why I'm mentioning this is that it also ties into another issue of mine as I've also been struggling with how I was going to organize my book and all the other info I have for my other books. I was constantly feeling frustrated, confused and overwhelmed as I didn't know how to organize it… Not that I can't organize.. but I'm presently writing about 100 pages in MSWord and then trying remember where things are and then to back track and try to find the spot where you want to insert a new paragraph is mind boggling….

Anyway… the other day I happened to stubble upon a site that I feel will solve my delimma.. it's called Spacejock and it turns out Simon Haynes is a software designer and also a published author. He created the software ywrite to solve the problems he was having in writing his novels… The thing is he is also giving the program away for free along with a bunch of other small programs he created for his personal use… While I'm not a screenplay writer.. I can adapt the concept his program has and use the words act and scene to represent topics and sub-topics… that way if I want to find a particular topic, I do a quick search and it's done. It looks and sounds great… I haven't use it yet and I'll let you know how things turn out…


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