Post 45 Creating confusion with mis-information and/or Ignorance

A further note on confusion…

In my Websites Control Panel "Cpanel" under "File Manager" there are two headings marked in bold. One is Upload file(s) and below that is one named Up one level Well the upload files says what it means… I click on it to upload files from my computer to the server… BUT the one marked "up one level" doesn't mean going up (forward) or ahead to the next level…. it means…. going back to the last page you were on… Dah! To me… that's like saying… "see ya later" instead of "Hi, nice to see you."

I don't know if this is a deliberate attempt to create confusion.. or just ignorance of the language or both. And I'm not just talking about the guy or gal that wrote the program… it's all the brain dead intellectual idiots that have input to the system and the ability to change the error and eliminate confusion but they don't say or do anything about it… That's what tic's me off…

As I wrote that I though… what's the difference between this Internet issue and any other issue. It could be the government, a company, religion or anything else where confusion is involved… the same type of mentality is also involved.


PS: My website is still acting up… and weird shit is happening… When I link to my main site from my "About me" or My Manuscript sites I get one template version of my Main website.. even if I refresh the page.. it doesn't change… But when I click on saysame from any of my other sites.. a different website template is shown… And they also flip-flop… My old website was being shown on My Manuscript site last night and this morning it's my new website template and it's visa versa for the other sites…

PPS: I don't get it? DAH! I just checked the links to see if they were working and now everything is pointing to my new template… I think I'll work on my book…

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