Post 51 Going in Circles

Going in Circles
Circling the tree
Running round and around
Looking for answers
That can't be found

Bewildered and confused
They toil and they strife
Trying to find
The meaning of life

While silently sitting
Rubbing hands in glee
Is the evil bushwhacker
Hiding up in the tree

Watching his subjects
Beat a path in the ground
Feeding them part truths
Calling them valid and sound

And so they do run
All day and all night
Not even aware
Of their sorry-full plight

Joined in commonality
For this it is true
As are the animals
Caged in a zoo

Afraid to challenge
Or unable to think
In circles they'll go
Until they all sink

And ponder how life
Has passed them all by
Now comes to late
A tear in their eye.

Channeled by
John Rieger '02 01 19

2 thoughts on “Post 51 Going in Circles

  1. mans thoughts,we should know how to differiante ? our pain and pleasure.once we know to control it we can rule our thoughts .————————————graceWide Circles

  2. Hi Grace,Thanks for commenting. I will add that once we learn how to "heal" our pains, we will no longer have confusing thoughts as to the origin of our pain, and all that we experience will be pleasure. We can't even begin to heal our pain as long as we believe all that we have been taught and told.John

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