Post 49 Groups, Friends and Family dynamics

'07 March 31 8:32 a.m.

I was thinking on what I wrote in my journal yesterday in that when people are in denial of their real issues, that they seek outside support in the form of people, places or things that they consider either support them, or help them cope with the anxiety and stress of their issues and unwanted emotions.

Groups, associations, clubs, teams, military, political organizations and of course… good old and new… religious denomination. Help groups like AA are an example of people joined in commonality, thinking and believing that just because they are not doing (drinking) or experiencing what they were before they joined the group, that they have now healed the issues of why they were drinking in the first place. It doesn't matter what kind of group it is, all that matters is that they have something in common, something thatthey feel to be a part of and not different or alone, a need for commonality..

Friends are the next form of support group and another version of the mutual admiration society joined in commonality, having something in common, comforting and supporting each other in their times of need, both good and bad. A friend is used as a crutch, an form of escape when one has issues with a family loved one. A friend is someone to turn to when you can't turn to the one that is closest to you…

Family… Wow! there are BIG co-dependency issues here. Husband, wife, parents, children, grand-parents, aunts, uncles, cousins, etc, etc… The immediate family structure is the core and from there it fans out to the other relations, then to friends and then to groups. Some people have strong family ties while others are loosely tried together. Whichever way, there is an issue as to why the bond is so strong or why it is so loose.

Continued on Post #50

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