Blog 54 Building a website.

'07 Apr 13

I've been working on my new web site template for the past few days and I was almost at the point of starting to add content… but there was a slight “bug” in the template when it was opened up in the Browsers such as Internet Explore, Firefox and Opera. It was a narrow, but noticeable horizontal bar under the header and another under the footer of the page. I couldn't find anything in the program that I did in modifying it so I thought I'd check the original template and sure enough, the problem was there in the original template. I wrote the designer of the “open source” template explaining my problem but I never heard back. Now I have to find another template and start all over. That ticks me off, but at the same time I’ve also gained experience in CSS programming as I made notes for myself to tell me what is what.

I've also been working on a free website that uses an older version of Cpanel. The reason I’m practicing on the free site is that if I make a mistake and mess up, it’s not going to affect my paid site. Last night, for practice, I up loaded my new “buggy” site in an attempt to understand how Cpanel works. I think I'm beginning to figure out all the confusion surrounding the use of teh terms files and folders. It's a lot like the old office single file cabinet but with different names, where you have;

1. File Cabinet (Cpanel) is the place where you store all your files (under your website name)
2. File Drawer named (public_html) is where the various holders, folders and files are stored and accessed, to be worked on and then to be made public
3. File Holder ie named (Books) is a specific topic in the file drawer called (public_html
4. File Folder ie named (Hobbies) is a single folder stored under the Holder called (Books)
5. Files or documents and pictures of Hobbies are inside the folder called (Hobbies)

So when someone wants to go your web page on hobbies, they have to first go to your site, and then file cabinet….. then to your File Drawer (public_html)….. then to the File Folder (Books)… then to the folder (Hobbies)…. and then to pictures… So the directory address might look something like this… One thing is that the name of a file or folder name has to be exactly the same on your computer as on your web site.

What I also go out of this was that this is also how I have to write my books, as a basic beginners “how-to” manual. Those that already know some things will breeze past the stuff they know and the ones that don't know, they will have the step by step process so that they can figure it out. It's also kind of like a site tree, or a family tree knowing what's what or who's who so that you can see how they are all related. To help you see the tree from the forest.


1 thought on “Blog 54 Building a website.

  1. Can you give us a URL so we can help you fix those lines?Also…they call it the "Developer Console". It just WORKS! 😀

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