Post 55 People, conflict, unconditional love

’07 Apr 14 6:46 am People believe that unconditional love is when there is no conflict and in that they are right… BUT… how they go about trying to achieve it and what they think they get as unconditional love is screwed up because what they really have is conditional love.

There are as many examples of this so-called unconditional love as there are people who claim to be unconditionally loving, or claim to have experienced it. One of the most common form of this so-called unconditional love is actually self-sacrifice, where the person denies their wants, needs and desires and focuses on another person, place or thing and they then derive their happiness out of doing “good” and making another either happy, healthy or clean or whatever the situation is that they are involved with. These people are also energy vampires.

People naively believe that to be without conflict in their life and in their relationships with others or other things is to demonstrate unconditional love, but that is denial and a false belief. Just because you don’t express any conflict doesn’t mean that conflict doesn’t exist or that you love someone unconditionally. It’s a phony presentation face, an act, an illusion hiding the truth that denial is present. You may have numbed and dulled yourself so completly that you are even unaware that there is conflict, that even convinces others that you are real.

Then there are the people that realizes that people don’t love unconditionally as they say they do but they believe that animals and nature does love unconditionally. That is also a twisted belief as again, as long as there is no conflict or dis-agreement between the person and nature, then their believe that Nature is unconditional loving appears valid and that they are experiencing unconditional love.

It’s just another twist on the old people issue as denial creates the illusion that unconditional love is present. Take animal pets such as dogs and cats that people claim love unconditionally; these animals have been confined, imprinted and programmed since birth to act and respond in a certain manner. They are controlled and not given unconditional freedom, but yet they are said to love humans unconditionally. It’s only true as long as their human “masters” also treat then in a manner that they are programmed to. If a person were to treat a dog or cat unlovingly or attack it, the cat or dog would either run, allow themselves to be beaten, or if backed into a corner, they might turn and attack the person. Again it’s about conflict and the avoidance of it.
If people really looked beneath the surface presentation of so-called unconditional love or even what they call love, they will see that it is supported by denial, guilt, shame and CONTROL and that real unconditional is not present and that any love that is there is conditional and limited and tyhat once any of the rules or conditions are broken, so too is the false belief that what they were experiencing was unconditional love.

Even illness, aging and death is accepted as normal, as "the way" of Divine unconditional love. Imprints, programs and beliefs, bewilder and confuse the mind and again, denial and the avoidance of conflict with the imprints, programs and beliefs and the acceptance of them as TRURTH and reality, create the illusion that illness, aging and death is the grand design of the universe and is the ultimate expression of unconditional love. Nonsense… No Sense! It makes no sense…. except to those minds that are closed and blind to anything but their own illusion of reality.

"Food for thought"

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