Post 60 The Dentist

’07 April 20 I had made an appointment earlier in the week to see the dentist this afternoon as I’ve been feeling a roughness to a filling on the side of one of my molars and also a sensitivity when I would have a cold or hot drink. I was sure that it needed work as a few months ago, when I was still speaking to Irene, she mentioned that Gabe said that I was going to be having tooth issues and that a root canal or crown would not be the answer. My fear is a root canal and crown, which I can’t afford and which I also believe is also not going to work.

Anyway, today the dentist prodded and poked at my teeth and there was nothing loose and no pain. She even took an x-ray of my teeth and couldn’t find anything wrong. It ended up that all she did was a cleaning. When I got home, I was tired and slept for an hour. I think this is part and parcel of my issues with my teeth, but since my appointment, the roughness and sensitivity that I used to feel have almost disappeared.


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