Post 62 Going to be a Grandpa —- of twins

’07 Apr 25 1:00 a.m. Being a Granpa is going to be another new experience, and twins at that. My daughter Janice told us that she was pregnant a couple of weeks ago and also mentioned that it might be twins. Today she dropped by with an ultra-sound picture showing that she was indeed going to be having twins. She is presently 7½ weeks and is due around the beginning of December. She has had two mis-carriages and has been having inverto-fertilization and hence the twins.

Later I was thinking of Janice and the twins and the ultra-sound picture and then flashed to the eggs and sperm and how these two separate forms, alive and conscious in their own right, come together to create a new life.. a physical CREATION, to animate, to put into action, the Divine plan by which a human form is brought into the physical plane and from there, for it to slowly evolve as an independent entity to experience physical reality.. it’s indescribable and brings tears to my eyes.


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