Post 64 Job interview.

’07 Apr 27 Fridat… My truck is in need of repairs and my little savings account has been dwindling and so I’ve been scanning the newspaper looking for a part time job. I had called a woman about a Reno/Painter job and I had an interview scheduled at Tim Hortons (a local coffee Shop). As I walked up to her table I recognized her and she me. Her first words to me were “The Dollarama guy.” I smiled as I sat down and said, “small world, isn’t it?”

When I had worked at Dollarama, she had come to my register and was complaining to the guy that she was with about anything and everything, including the articles she was buying. She made a comment to the guy and to me that yea she was a bitch and she that she had a right to be. I smiled, and she asked me what I was smiling about and I simply said, “Yea, I agree with you.” She then asked me what I agreed with her with. I hesitated for a moment and then relied, “that you’re a bitch.” Well that shocked her as she didn’t know what to say. We exchanged words as I cashed her through and as she left, she said, “I’ll remember you.” She was back in the store a few more times and she made a point that she still remembered me, but I felt it wasn’t in a “get even” sort of way.

We chatted for a half an hour and she gave me her card and she said that she’d call me next week. She had more applications to interview, so I don’t really know if I got a job or not, but it will be interesting if I do.

So here is another person that I am brutally honest with, in the past and now, but she responds with a “you got me there” attitude and even though she didn’t like to hear her own words come back to bite her, she was aware that they were her words describing her actions and that is a giant step and is totally the opposite to what the two women were doing in my pervious post.


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