Post 65 Uni-creation and Universes

’07 Apr 28 Space and the universe is not limited in either direction. By that I mean that the universe can expand in an inwardly direction in the same way that it can expand in an outwardly direction as there is no limitation in either direction. With our linear mind, we tend to think that we can only evolve by expanding in an outwardly direction, to expand, to make our reality larger. But the opposite is also true as SPACE itself is free of any quantum definition or fixed dimensionality as it is infinate. Infinitely large is as we generally see it, but it is also infinitely small at the same time, which we are generally unaware of, as we tend to dismiss things that we can’t see with the naked eye, yet are there, are a reality when seen through a microscope.

Here is an example of both directions of space. I say “both” in terms of inward and outward direction, but space is also omni-directional at the same time. Imagine our entire knospace,timewn universe as we see it and know it as contained in a drop of rain water suspended on the tip of a leaf. Then what lies beyond the surface of the drop is humongous, enormous, in proportion to what we already consider infinite in our reality. Now consider being in our reality and seeing a drop of rain water at the tip of a leaf, and then visualize that it contains another reality equal to the present concept we have of our reality. Now keep doing that in both directions. Kind of blows your mind even thinking about it that way doesn’t it?

So what is the universe? That’s a question that has always confused me as there are countless definitions and terms used. To me, the word “uni” implies one… but one what? I think of our solar system as a mere speck within the billions of stars and planets that form our Milky Way Galaxy and then, light years away, are other galaxies also containing billions of stars and planets that continue outwardly to the ends of what? __________________________ CREATION!

Hummm? So what we have then is a uni-creation, with multi-universes (multi-creations) within it, all separated by space and time. What we have is a creation of multiple realities, much like the drop of water on the end of the leaf, with creation expanding outwardly and inwardly at the same time. Each reality, each universe is separate and unique, yet connected to, but only a fraction of all that is, and all that is, is defined by space which is unlimited and infinite. I should also add that time is an intricate part of all this as it too is unlimited and infinite, and without time, there would be no ability with which to experience space and reality.

Things that make you go Hummm?

PS: The donut shaped object is a toroid.

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