Post 69 Moving a couch – doing the opposite and reversed.

Marian had given some furniture to a young woman so today three woman showed up to pick up the couch, table and chairs and some other stuff. The couch was down in the basement and we had a chore bringing it up the stairs and then making a sharp right turn through a doorway where it was stuck. One woman mentioned that we needed to turn the couch around and do the opposite. As she said that I though that this how people deal with their life’s challenging situations; they think they are going to solve them by doing the opposite.

I said, yes, we have to do the opposite, but we also have to do the reverse. We have to take the couch back down the stairs and then not only turn it around but also reverse it and then it will go through the doorway. It was a bit frustrating and confusing as we had to take the overstuffed couch all the way back to where we picked it up in order to reverse it. We then we hauled it back up the stairs and it slipped through the doorway with relative ease. We then took it through the garage door in the same manner. I could see that the women were confused as to what really happened but they were more anxious to get it loaded and back to the apartment, than to try to figure out what happened.

This example is part and parcel of what I have learned in my journey in that just doing the opposite doesn’t solve the problem, we also need to do the reversal. We need to do the flip and then a flop because we are dealing with a three dimensional reality, not two. To give you an example of what I mean opposite and reversed here are three pictures of a boy… The picture of the back of the boys head on the left is #1…. The picture in the center is #2 and is the flip side or opposite of picture #1 The picture on the bottom right with the boy upside down is the flop… the one that is both opposite and reversed to the boy in picture #1..

Are you confused yet? 🙂
Picture #1

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