Post 80 Happiness, Joy and Freedom

May 16 7:46p.m.

For REAL happiness to be expressed in relationships in the physical world we have to begin with our relationship with ourselves, with our mind, feelings, emotions, heart and body. Happiness is also linked to freedom in that if any part of us is not free to express itself, then there is also no REAL happiness and joy for that part. You can’t sacrifice any part of yourself for the so-called “greater good,” “common good,” or “collective” as the unloving "other side" likes to call it.

Happiness and joy, as it is, is an illusion because there is no personal freedom. I’m not talking about any sort of so-called political type freedom like the illusion that democracy gives the world, I’m talking about the inner freedom, and how we either control or let go of those parts of us that we don’t like to feel or experience.

This is where our old imprints, programs and beliefs kick in as this type of freedom is something that has never been experienced as there is always some form of denial present. It’s always been the survival of the fittest, kill or be killed, and a constant struggle to live, let alone live the life we desire. Money, wealth and possessions has been the source of power. Those with the most “toys” appear to be the happiest as they can enjoy things that others can’t, but that is also an illusion as they are also caught up in the struggle for more, bigger, better, faster. Keeping up with the Jones by trying to be or do better or have more or better toys than they have.

Presently it is our mind and our body that rule our physical form, with the mind controlling and driving the intuitive and emotional aspects of our being and our body controlling our physical experiences. Both focus on what is agreeable, acceptable and pleasurable and both avoid and deny anything that isn’t. Even with these two controlling aspects of our being there is a constant struggle for the position of power, of who is in control. Our Heart, feelings and emotions are somewhere within us but for the most part they are locked away amd only those few parts that are in agreement and alignment with Mind or Body are allow to move (Freedom)

Continued on Post 81

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