Post 83 Trail Mix and denial

'07 May 20 I had bought some peanuts, cashews, almonds, sunflower seeds, raisins, dried apple, dates, and peaches and some smarties and I made myself some trail mix. Well Marian has been helping herself to some and I don’t mind but I caught her going through it and picking out what she liked, the smarties, almonds, cashews and all the fruit, leaving me with basically peanuts and raisins. That pissed me off. She thinks nothing of it but I’m sure she wouldn’t like it is she ordered a pizza with pepperoni, mushrooms, tomato, bacon, pepper and olives and I ate all the pepperoni, mushrooms, tomato, bacon and peppers leaving her with the crust, cheese and olives.

I expressed my anger and disappointment with her and her “picking” through the trail mix but she denied she was picking even when I caught her with a handful of her favorites. Now the tin is almost half empty and all that’s left is raisins and peanuts.

Janice, my daughter was over later in the evening and somehow the issue with the trail mix came up again and I again expressed my anger and frustration at Marian’s “picking” out her favorites but this time she admitted to taking just a few. I asked her if she wanted to see the tin and show me a few that are left, as there isn’t anything but peanuts and raisin. She shut up and didn’t say anything more as she knew that I would get the tin if she denied the truth.

A couple of days later, after eating the raisins and peanuts, Marian went out and bought some trail mix and put it in the tin… Now, she is not picking, but is taking a handful of whatever she picks up… It’s nice to now get a mixture and not just raisin and peanuts.


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