Post 84 Old and New Camera

May 20 Sunday 11:40 p.m.

When Janice was over we got to talking about pictures and cameras and I told her how my camera was acting up and that the shutter was freezing up. It originally was only happening when it was cold, like in the winter, but now it was doing it when it was warm… I took it to a camera shop and they wanted $150 to look at it with no guarantee as the (Praktica) 35mm SLR is about 40 years old. Janice told me that she had received a new SLR at xmas and that I could have her old (Cannon) 35mm SLR camera.

I went back to her house to pick up the camera that included a telephoto lens. The Cannon camera has a bayonet lens mount, while my old Praktica has a screw type lens mount so the lenses are not compatible. I felt guilty that she was giving me her camera and telephoto lens, so I gave her my telephoto lens that I bought four years ago when my old screw type telephoto bit the dust as I felt that I no longer needed it as it had a special screw type adaptor, and all that she would need to do was to get a new adaptor, one that would fit her camera and she was in business.

I was excited that I would now have a camera and I could get back into talking some good pictures… I went home and got on the net to check out some of the features that I wasn’t used to and that Janice didn’t really know what they did either.


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