Post 86 More issues with cameras


May 24 7:30 a.m.

After Janice gave me her old Cannon SLR camera, I started to have a good look at it and also get a “feel” for how it works. What I now realize is that while the regular lens on her camera and my old Prakitca have the same focal length and aperture (50mm 1.8) they are not the same in quality. With the Cannon lens I can get to within 2 feet or 60 cm of a subject, but with my old Prakitca lens I can get to within 6 inches or 15 cm of a subject… or as close as you can focus with the naked eye. That’s a BIG different when it comes to taking close up pictures as it’s a good 3 to 4 times closer. Instead of taking a head and shoulder picture, I can get one of just the eyes, nose and mouth.

The other thing is that the telephoto lens that I gave her also had a macro setting for doing close ups and the one that she gave me doesn’t and it’s also two times as big and heavy. I like my old camera. It’s doesn’t need batteries and everything is manual. It does have a photo cell so that I can get light readings that I can use to adjust my settings. It’s too bad, but it seems that everything being made now a days needs batteries or electrical energy to function…

I called Janice and left a message on her answering machine saying that if she couldn’t get an adaptor for the telephoto lens to fit her camera that I would like to have it back as I’m sure that I can get one for the bayonet type lens attachment on the Cannon camera. So here I am again, caught up in the excitement of a new camera, yet disappointed in that it’s not as good in some ways as what I had. Why do things have to change so radically that anything that was created before, now becomes obsolete?


PS: These are pictures of my friend that I took back in ’02

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