Post 88 Conflict and fragmentation – Original Cause

'07 May 25

Conflict and fragmentation – and the unssen role of denial in Original Cause

In the Christian religion, the common belief is that Lucifer is considered an evil entity, a thorn in the side of God and one that brings pain and suffering to the world and he is also associated with hell, a place where the un-righteous and un-saved will end up to suffer their just reward when they die.

Lucifer is .. (what’s the words I’m feeling?) not a real manifested Spirit, he’s a fragment, a piece of God’s light. Lucifer is a reflection of Gods own unlovingness to himself, to the other parts of his being. Lucifer could not have fragmented out of Gods essence and been brought into existence if God was aware of his own unloving intentions. Lucifer just didn’t “happen” out of the Blue. It took some special form of energy to enable that aspect of God to dislodge itself and attack and control, what it did not like and what was not in agreement with Gods original desire and state of bliss.

Ahhhhh! There are two ways in which fragmentation occurs. It’s almost simultaneously, but we are dealing with two different aspects because if you only had one aspect there would be nothing else to relate to except the self, there would be no differentiation.

God created the fragment that was to eventually become Lucifer, in his moment of unlovingness when he unconsciously sent energy out to stop and control whatever was disturbing his reverie or bliss, which in this case was his own feminine said , the Will or Mother. This was not a conscious intent as real consciousness and understanding was not yet present during this original creation and original cause. Body was also involved here as Form otherwise this could not have been created. There was also Heart presence, but none was present when heartlessness went out as the fragment (Lucifer) that attacked the Will, feminine, the feeling and intuitive aspect of the creator. The only part of the Will that was accepted, was the “feel good” aspect that he (creator) wanted to continue to feel.. All the rest of the Will was denied and sent into, (what is called in R.U.O.W.) Lost Will, Will that has never known love.

This concept I’m getting is really fragile and I’m trying to hang on to the pieces as I’m writing. On the other hand, The Will fragmented when she allowed herself to be open to receive what was being sent at her. Her desire was for a mate, a companion of loving light but what she got was unloving light in the form of the denied rage fragment that was to soon become Lucifer. When it struck the Will, part of this denied rage light penetrated the Will essence and either Killed or damaged it. It also sent damaged parts out as fragments. In an effort to save herself, the Will, that was moving toward this unloving light, now has to close herself and to do that, she also had to stop, turn and reverse her energy back into herself. This experience created fragmentation and imprinted and programmed the Will and her Heart and Body that was subjected to this experience.

The part of this unloving light that didn’t penetrate the Will, when the Will closed herself, was reflected back (reversed polarity) to the source where it struck and rolled over God and what didn’t penetrate and imprint him, continued to move on out into space to become what was later to be known as Lucifer, with his own light, consciousness and agenda, based on these original imprints. Lucifer was the second strike on the Will, the Psychopathic Killer was the first rage fragment whose imprints and programs is not to control the Will, but to kill and destroy her by any means possible. (death)

So that means that unloving energy being sent out in denial creates an unloving rage fragment and loving energy receiving this unloving energy and denying itself, creates Lost Will fragments. Both fragments, while being part of the original essence…. are not THE parental essence that has remained intact from the original source experience.

I’ll try to explain what I felt in another way. It’s like taking an apple and every piece you cut away is a fragment of the apple, it’s a part of the parent, of the original, but it’s not “the” parental part of the apple. It’s a part of, or a piece of the whole.

Conflict and fragmentation go together, because as long as you have conflict, you have fragmentation and as long as you have fragmentation, you have conflict. One is unloving energy attacking loving energy and the other is caused by loving energy having to receive what it does not want or desire by either being over-powered, or by free will and choosing to allow itself to be overpowered and in accepting this unloving energy into itself along with it’s own unloving denial energy. In the process, it also creates fragments that unloving energy can then feed off of.

Conflict is running on old imprints, programs and beliefs, and denial, guilt and shame are the tools that create more conflict and more fragmentation. Ending denials and letting go of guilt and shame will end conflict and fragmentation at the source, within us, as well, it will also re-claim those parts that were fragmented by similar past experiences. When the power of love is really shown for what it is, when denial is ended and guilt and shame are removed, conflict is not drawn to us as we have moved the old charge and released the imprints, programs and beliefs that drew it into our reality.

One important note is that the over-powering of free Will is no longer an option. We all have choice and free Will, but we must really free our Will, in order to not be over-powered by unloving light. Any form of denial, is over-powering the self and that opens the door to be over-powered by others in our outer reality.


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