Post 89 Denial & Fishing – hook, line & sinker

’07 May 26

I was talking with my sister last night and I used the following little story to describe how subtly denial works, that even what we think or consider an innocent or a white lie is enough denial, to hook and trap us by unloving energy. Now here is the story.

You don’t have to have a 2000 lb test fishing line to catch a 500 lb fish; all you really need is a 10 lb test line with enough line to “play” the fish and the patience to wait him out. Once you have him hooked, he will fight and run and so you play him some line and let him think that he’s getting away. Then, when he thinks he’s free and clear and he takes a rest, you slowly begin to reel him in. He is unaware at first that he is being hauled in and when he realizes it, he again begins to fight and run and so you let him go do his thing until he again stops to rest and again you begin to slowly haul him in.

The fish has no where to go and if he can’t dislodge the hook from it’s mouth he will continue to try to get away and continue to be hauled in, and eventually, he will become too exhausted to fight back that he will give up and be either become a trophy on the wall or dinner.

Denial works the much the same way in that it doesn’t have to be a big denial or line to HOOK you. You just have to “bite” the bait and the denial hook is set, and as long as you keep that denial hook in your mouth, you are always be going to be played and controlled by the person that is on the “other” end of line. Every time you feel a tug and pain you will re-act like the fish and try to fight or run.


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