Post 90 Parental Essence and Fragmentation.

07 May 28 4:58 a.m. In Post 88 I mentioned Parental Essence and Fragmentation. The essence that fragmented from the Parent has also fragmented and then those fragments fragment into smaller pieces… Each is a part of the whole or the parent, but they are not “the” parent, but rather “parts” of the parent.

5:13 a.m. That would explain why there are different people who have had the same past life experience, like Cleopatra for example. I’ve met a few women that have claimed to have been her, and each have had a slightly different version of that life that they remembered. Then others had memories all the way to her death which I now feel is the more parental aspect of that fragment. The biggest piece or fragment will have the most life experience and essence, even after fragmenting, as a fragment will always be smaller than the original piece that is left.

5:21 a.m. So does that also mean that we are fragments of our physical parents? And if so, how is that we suffer abuse and unlovingness by their hands? Something is not right with all of this, I’m missing something.


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