Post 91 Web site blues

07 May 29 12:17 a.m. Well it’s been another frustrating day on the computer as I’m trying to get my web site up together. Today I had edited what I’ll call template #5 and I was going to transfer the contents to another template that I also got working, template #4. I thought I’d use Trellian web editor (which I highly recommend) for one template and Nvu Web Editor which I don’t often use for the other, and then simply cut and past my content from one to the other. I happened to use Nvu for my finished site.. WRONG thing to do… not that I'm balming Nvu for the mix up, but it's guilty by association.

As I was working on Nvu, I noticed that it had a spell checker and as I hadn’t done a spell check I figured I do it as I went along and I thought no more about it. I edited six of the eight pages and saved my work and then I put the computer into “standby” and I went for supper.

When I came back, I re-opened my computer and all my pages of my final template were in BOLD. I hadn’t made a back up since yesterday afternoon and so there were a lot of time logged into editing the templates and I didn’t feel like doing that all again. I decided to go thought my html code and edit and delete all the BOLD references in the eight templates that I had edited, and that took me a couple of hours. What I also found out later was that it also edited some text comments or links that I already had in BOLD and it wasn’t until I began checking the links that I noticed that problem… Ahhhh!


PS: Last night after I posted this blog, I was thinking about the BOLD type and how it affected everything except the page header and top navigation bar. Then I thought to other times when I'd be having net chats with evil… and they would always reply in BOLD TYPE… AS IF THEY WERE SHOUTING AT ME.
I keep telling Marian that there are demons at work, trying to stop me, but I haven't really been listening to what I've been saying…

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