Post 102 Throw-away – Obsolete Society

I was thinking of how this so-called modern society is becoming more dependent on technology, while at the same time the very technology that it’s so dependent on is also becoming obsolete. Some may call it progress, but part of the reason that we don’t fix anything anymore is because we can’t. We don’t have the knowledge, experience or the tools as it’s been thrown away.

Go into any TV store or repair shop and ask them to fix a 1957 B&W TV set… (the ones that had tubes). Unless there is an older person there that had experience and the old parts and tubes, no one else would be able to fix it, yet that old tube technology is what brought us to where we are today. Once that generation is no longer with us and the books, parts and machines that made them are either lost or destroyed, society will have inadvertently, through it’s ignorance and arrogance, set itself up for the beginning of the dark ages.

I wish I had kept the link to an article put out by NASA where they had sent up a satellite back in the 1970’s. They thought they had lost it a few years ago, but it was again sending signals from deep space… Problem was that NASA, had lost the technology and the expertise to decipher what it was trying to communicate, so all its data was going waste. Someone at NASA, in their infinite wisdom had decided that that technology was no longer useful and had scrapped and thrown it out… Diverging a bit, but still along the same lines… US president Bush is talking about getting the industry to scrap all analog (free) TV signals in five years…

What will happen if the world was suddenly tossed into chaos buy a series of natural or man made disasters that would shut down electrical power almost nationwide? And what if, in the course of these events, the people that knew how to run and maintain the electrical system were either killed or too busy fighting for their own survival to fix the system? And what would happen to our society if this electrical problem lasted for some 20 or more years? All the fancy technical products would become useless and worthless pieces of junk or a museum piece with a caption under it explaining what our forefathers used to do with the item.

This society, the so-called civilized world, is based on technology and money, and when that collapses, so will the society that is dependent on it. Besides being directly caught in any natural or man-made disaster, the only people that have a good chance of survival are those in the third world countries as they have little or no technology or money. Technology has to grow in a way that it embraces itself, not cuts itself off from the very source that brought it into creation. The more advanced science and technology becomes, the closer it pushes the society that depends on it to become obsolete like it is doing to itself.

"Food for thought"

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