Post 103 The Lucifer project …. Saturn a second sun?

I copied these two links, but then I lost the page that I got them from… One link is to a Video and the other is a website called The Lucifer Project both related to NASA projects.

Press release…some time near 2012 there are plans to begin bioseeding and terraforming the moon Titian… it is all a part of the "Lucifer Project" :

October 18,1989 Space Shuttle Atlantis launches with the Galileo Space probe. The probe is powered by 17.2lbs of plutonium238. The largest weapon ever made was the Tsar Bomba 50 megaton nuclear bomb.The fireball was 2.8mi diameter. The galileo space probe produced a blast 2821x bigger than Tsar Bomba.

December 7, 1995 Galileo reaches Jupiter.

September 21,2003 galileo is destroyed during a controlled impact with Jupiter.

October 19, 2003 A mysterious black spot appears on Jupiter. The spot i 7,900 miles in diameter… roughly the size of the Earth. Due to extreme pressure of Jupiters Hydrogen Atmosphere the nuclear payload triggered a chain reaction.

Oct 15,1997 The Cassini space probe launches.powered by 72.3lbs of Plutonium238, the most ever launched into space.

07/7/2008 Cassini will impact Saturn causing an even larger blast. With an atmosphere composed almost entirely of hydrogen there are theories that saturn will become a second sun.

Oct. 11 2006 NASA sent images of a large 'hurricane" at saturns south pole. Unlike Galileo, Cassini will travel further into the planets by going through the opening at the pole. The effects on the Earth from a Saturn star formation are unknown. The theory is that a constant radition shower will hit the earth lasting many weeks, killing millions. The effects will become visible around 28 days after the impact.

"2008 (Jul/Aug/Sept) – After a few weeks of 24/7 talk of the implications, causes, effects, etc. of the new star, Earth begins to get showered with the ejecta from Saturn. The shower lasts 2 to 3 weeks and includes some heavier elements towards the end. This directly or indirectly kills millions of people and animals on Earth – a great boost for population control. Those “in the know” hide out in underground cities and bunkers for several weeks to several months until Earth's ozone shell has recovered. 2009 – The new world reality sets in. After coping with the effects of the event, the survivors find that having a second sun is novel. Earth is completely changed, all infrastructures, political structures, and religions are thrust into chaos. The strongest surviving military force soon takes control of the Earth.

2010 – A call goes up to investigate and explore the new system of Saturn/Titan. 365/24/7 time and unlimited resources go into the new international venture. Terraforming plans start on a grand scale.

2033 – Humans set foot on an earthlike Titan. "

Things that make you go Hummmm?


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