Post 107 Problem Solving

’07 June 28 The ability to find answers and solutions to problems is what is lacking in the groups I joined. By problem solving, I mean real problem solving, not denying there is a problem. If they do happen to be on track and they begin to address the real issues, they only go so far before they are activated into their fears and then they close the door and are back to their “chicken little” mode and run around in circles. They believe that they are healing and enlightened by “talking the talk”, but seem clueless as to how to “walk the talk”.

An example of what I mean by problem solving is the following. I can’t remember where the post was or all the details but a young guy was raving about how acupuncture had cured his anxiety and asthma but then how a recent experience on the subway with a young woman he described as a vampire, wrecked his cure and now his anxiety and asthma are back. He said that she stared at him for twenty minutes and he was only able to get rid of her when he surrounded himself with a bubble of protection.

On the surface, the experience of (the effect) is one thing, but (the cause) that lies beneath is quite another. I look at his story from a different point-of-view. My first observation is that the acupuncture didn’t really cure him, or his illness would not be back.

Secondly, that he has an issue with negative energy and in expressing himself when he is confronted by it, or he would have said something during the twenty minutes. (Fear of expression is also related to Asthma and anxiety)

That she moved away, was not because the protection bubble was working, but that in creating the bubble, he was even in more denial. Denial is what she wanted and she was then able to feed off him even more than before. When she had enough, she moved off and his energy was dained.

By the way… his question to the group was… "Why are these people around us and how do we protect ourselves?" As you can see, his focus is not on the real issues or problems. He is caught up in blaming his undesireable experience as the cause, and is oblivious to what is really going on. There's more, a lot more, but this is just to give you an example of what I mean by problem solving.

It's the little things, the attention to detail, the looking for the cause and what is not obvious that gives you insight into what is really going on. Re-acting and blaming something outside the self, hides the real issue and problem and keeps you going in circles. Well, that's how I see it from my point-of-view.


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