Post 111 Wholistic Fair – SSDD – Same Shit Different Day

’07 July 06 Friday I went to a local new age wholistic fair yesterday and what I saw was basically the same old shit that was around twenty years ago, being regurgitated. I say shit, meaning that these modalities are not used to lovingly empower others, but to dis-empower them. There were merchants, psychics and healers, all trying to sell their snake oil. And there were all kinds of people still "buying" looking to someone else to tell their future or to heal them.

It wasn’t a big affair, as it was being held in a section of a conference room at a local Motel. It was just big enough to hold the dozen or so “vendors” and with twenty or so potential customers, it was crowded. There was only one person that I felt was “real” but she was trying hard to fit in with pack around her. I didn’t really get a chance to talk with her as she was nervous and quickly found something to be busy at.

I wondered why this gathering of wholistic people hadn’t evolved, why they are still doing the same old things. I remember starting off with astrology and, “What is your sign?” and all that. After that came dream interpretation and then numerology, Tarot Cards, pendulum and dowsing, crystals and symbolic jewelry. Well 90% of this wholistic fair consisted of these old and basic psychic tools and some of the people even advertised; believing that their 20 years of experience were extraordinary credentials. To round off the dog and pony show, there were also a person doing Reiki and another doing massage.

Now don’t get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with any of these modalities, but it’s all about how and why you use them. To me, the people using these are in kindergarten or grade one, but hey, it’s a start. It’s just too bad that most of them have never gotten out of kindergarten and I don’t think they ever will.


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