Post 113 Two Points-of-view Insight

I recently joined a few "Tribe" networks and also started one of my own… if any one is interested, it’s called the heart centre and if you click on my Moderator picture you can see my profile and some of my other posts in other tribes. You are welcome to join if you are so inclined.

During the past few days I got into a discussion and got activated, but also I got a few important insights, and at the same time more questions. I can't post the thread as it's too long, but it you want to read what leads up to this insight, you are welcome to read it as this link..

Another insight I got is that you have to have the experience. You have to literally be in the box and then work your way out of it to be able to know what it is like, both on the inside and then on the outside of the box. Unless you are "outside" the box, you are still caught up with the mind games that are being carried out inside the box. Once you are out of the box, you can still talk to people inside the box, but now it's from a different point-of-view, one that has compassion and understanding, with an, "I know what you are going through, what you're thinking and feeling" that can only come from a "been there done that" that isn't false or fake, but the truth.

To use an analogy, suppose you and ten other people are living in a house and none of you have ever been outside the house. Now the house has windows to look out and see the outside world, but they don't open. There is also a door, but none knows what it's for and they are afraid to open it.

Now suppose that you are the one that does what others are afraid to do. When they are all running and hiding, like Chicken Little, you open the door and go outside. You explore the outside of the house and the neighborhood and then you see someone looking out the window and you go to talk to them to tell them what you have found on the outside, but they can't hear or see you.

You go back into the house and you begin to tell them what you found outside and that they too can get out of the house. They all look at you as if you are someone or something foreign, or that you have lost your mind.

They loudly exclaim. "It's impossible to get out and that where you say you where is not real." They proclaim, "You have no idea what's it's like out there, you have never been outside a house before!"

You know that they are frightened and confused and you know that what they are saying isn't the truth… but it's their truth in that moment. You know that because you have experienced both being in the house, "Been there done that" and you also have experienced what it feels like on the outside, "Been there done that too." You can now see things from two points-of-view- while the others in the house are limited to their one point-of-view.

"We can't get out, we can't be free." They lament. "There are windows that we can look out of, but they are all locked and we can't break the glass."

You tell them and show them the door and you also tell them how to open it. You explain that it's the same door that you used to get out of the house. They are afraid to open it because they are afraid of what is behind the door. You tell them that you weren't harmed by opening the door and going outside, but they don't believe that "they" wouldn't be harmed. You tell them that you are going to open the door and you ask if anyone wants to go with you, but just the mere mentioning of "opening the door" sends them all running in a panic.

You leave the house and the door swings closed. With blank expressionless stares, they turn to each other, scratching their heads, and then they stare out the window, silently pondering," How can I get out of this house? How can I get to experience the outside?"

Now the house isn't a physical house or enclosure but represents a "closed mind," closed by its imprints, programs and beliefs. The question for me now is; what can I do, how I can help loving "feeling" people open and free their minds from the twisted beliefs that keep them closed and ignorant? How can I get them to trust them selves enough to open the door and see and feel the outside for themselves, to experience what real freedom it is like? How can I make them aware of the unseen role of denial and how it's created a cage that they call life? More questions, no answers… Yet!

Any feed back would help both of us.


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