Post 114 Bullshit and Smarties

I used the analogy of bullshit and smarties in a post on Wolfcreek Fairies – Enough RUoW Hypocrisy I loved it.. I just had to expand on it… and in doing so, I gained even more insight

People spew verbal diarrhea from their mouths onto a plate and then mix in a few smarties (part-truths) so as to entice you to eat it. Then they offer it to you telling you that what they give you is good for you… and tell you to eat the whole thing.

Unloving people say things that may have part-truths to them, and if you don't totally agree or support them they reject you.. But like i mentioned in my post in another… Empaths Alike – Rejection- it’s not that they are rejecting YOU… it's that they reject what you are saying and or doing and the fact that you are not in agreement or alignment with them and doing or saying what "they" want you to…

Shit can't and wouldn't stick to smarties, the (TRUTH) so if we vibrate and shake the plate of shit/smarties hard and long enough, we will vibrate the smarties.. the (truth) to the surface. Unloving people and people in denial are also unloving people… and “they” don't want us to vibrate or shake the pile of shit to expose the smarties, they just want us to eat the shit/smarties. Eating smarties is OK, but, eating shit is not good for us and will make us sick. But when we tell that to the people that gave us the plate of shit/smarties, they will play dumb, or say that it's the smarties or something else that made us sick. Denial is their game and the only way that we are going to find and expose the smarties the (truth) that is buried in all the shit is to shake the shit out of it…

If, instead of accepting their word for it that shit/smarties are good for us, we object and challenge their truth, we are seen as trouble makers and .. Hey I just got it!!! SHIT DISTRUBERS…. I never thought of that phrase in this context but I have always been called a shit disturber… That's so funny. (I had a good laugh over that and I'm still smiling) I like that. I am a SHIT disturber, and I will never stop vibrating love until all the smarties (Truth) has been uncovered from under the mountains of shit that has been piled on top of it…


PS: I've had a saying for a few years that.. "People don't know the difference between sheep shit and chip dip." and now I can relate that to what I've written today here.

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