Post 115 Beat the Devil at his Game

’07 July 11 The old cliché of “Beat the Devil at his own game” has taken on a whole new meaning for me today. You can’t beat the devil at his/her game unless you know who the devil is and you also have to know the game. You can study, connive and plot all you want but even with that, you still can’t win as there are no rules, or the rules keep changing. So if there are no rules and the rules keep changing, how can you ever hope to beat him/her if you don’t know what the next rule is going to be?

The Key word here is DENIAL… But what is denial? The obvious denials can be seen and heard, but that’s not the denial I’m talking about. The denial I’m talking about is the “feeling” of what is being said and done and also the “feeling” of what is not being said and done, and that is crucial. You will not be able to feel any of these denials unless you have begun to heal your Will, (your feeling and emotions). While you may be intuitive and empathic, that doesn’t mean that you allow your intuition, feelings and emotions to be free and expressed.

In healing yourself, you begin to discover who the devil is and how he/she has been playing you, to control and beat you down, and how you also have been helping him/her do it. The more you heal, the more you empower yourself until you finally realize that you have the power to beat the devil by not falling into the denial trap. What you also need to be aware of, are your personal denials and fears, and to allow them to be expressed and not denied when you feel that you may be getting into a situation with someone that could be, or is associated with the devil and you feel that you are being “played” and in a “game.“ This is also the moment that you become aware of all the denials present in the other person.

Once you are aware of the “denials” present, you need to express the denials that you feel. If however, you have doubts, and you deny expressing your intuition and feelings in the moment that you feel them, you will have lost the opportunity to win, as “your denial” is what allows him/her to win.

Once you have expressed the denials that you feel are present, the way to win is …. NOT TO PLAY… If there are no rules and the rules change, then when you know that denial is present, you also know that the “game” is “on.” When you feel the game is “on”, then your choice of “not to play” the denial game (by expressing the denials you feel and intuit) is still following the rules, just not HIS/HER RULES…. In NOT playing the DENIAL game, you WIN and have beat the Devil at his/her own game. … It’s so simple.

The twist here is that it’s not about revenge or getting even and going out and trying to beat the devil, by using your clever mind or physical strength, but by not denying your feelings and intuition when the devil has come to you. You win by calling his/her “Bluff,” like when you are playing Bullshit poker. He/she may be selling… but you’re not buying. Instead of the analogy of the card game, the bluff you are calling is when your feelings and intuition are telling you, that what is being “played” or offered to you is… you got it… “Bullshit” and then you simply tell it like it is. “And the truth shall set you free!”

Food for thought… And I’m not asking you to eat it… that's your choice. 


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