Post 117 Fire the Grid – Part II – Insight

Yesterday I watched all 8 videos today and took 4 pages of notes in point form and my point-of-view has NOT changed…

In Video #8 she talks about the "Global Council" (I assume it's part of the SETI group) that will oversee and direct all money collected to help with bringing food, clean water, accommodation, clean air and septic systems to the people that need them… In the end.. it was all about money… CD's – T-Shirts – donations.

When I was watching the videos, there were times that if I closed my eyes, I would swear that Dr Wayne Dyer was talking…

This morning I did my own meditation and I have to say, I felt a surge of energy around me at the "appointed hour" as I felt people "plugging-in" but it only lasted for a few moments. I continued with my "system busting" making it my intent that "all energy" being sent to the Earths grid, and to others, return to where it came from.

Later I got the insight that this is all about the imprints, program and beliefs.. that you have to "give" in order to "receive" that you have to "give love" in order to "receive love." What a crock of Shite…

Love is a "connection" and is always there, like the Sun.. You don't have to "do" or "give" the sun anything for it to shine and provide its life giving functions.. You have merely to accept it.. It also isn't something that you can "give" to others although you can mind fuck them into believing that you are, or visa-versa…. and that's what's happening here.

Food for thought… for those that so choose to do so.


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