Post 121 The transfornation into the New Age…

I have been getting bits and pieces of this New Age and New World like the one on my previous post on Sunday, 29. April 2007, Uni-creation and Universes This morning I got a visual and some more clarity on the "general" transformation that will be taking place in the near future.
This is what I got this morning.

Present reality has created the two-sided universe, like a coin with two sides and a thin line between them. This reality was necessary to experience polarity and duality, but now that we have come to the understanding of how we created this experience, it is time to crete a new experience where there is no separation and no duality; Polarity yes, but duality and dual polarity, no.

We are now beginning to move into the next creation, a New World and a new reality. There will be a transformation stage and instead of the present coin reality, think of this transformation as expanding the coin into the shape of a toroid or a donut shape that is evolving and expanding. Flip it over and it still is the same donut, even though it is the other side, there is no difference, no duality and dual polarity. Taste it! The one side of the (plain) donut tastes the same as the other side, which is not the experience with the existing coin reality of duality and dual polarity.

Denial Essence that desires to be compressed will move toward the centre hole, and love essence that desires to expand will move to the outer edges of the donut. Everyone has FREE WILL and they will be in their "right place" where they will feel comfortable. They will be in what they would presently call "Heaven". As more and more denied and denial essence is recovered, the hole in the centre, where there is compression, will become smaller and smaller. Denial Essence will continue to move toward Love until there is no longer any denial essence that desires compression and death. At which point, there will only be Love essence that seeks to expand and evolve. When that point arrives, the donut hole will collapse and the toroid shape will become a sphere, an expanding sphere with no beginning and no end, the alpha and the Omega.


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