Post 122 Beelzebub – Satyr – Lost Essence

I find it interesting that in Post 120 I mentioned feeling my lost essence and then a couple of days ago I got an e-mail from a friend who sees, hears and talks to Spirits. A lot of evil ones have been hanging around her recently and she said that as she was writing the e-mail.. that she was being told by someone named Beelzebub that they don't want her to talk to me. He was telling her that I wreck it for them and that he was just going on and on dissing me and how they want to stop me from writing my book.

I had heard of the name Beelzebub before but he wasn't on my "Demons that have contacted list". I check the web but couldn't find anything that felt right. Yesterday I was talking to another friend and I asked her who he was and she told me that he was the king of the satyrs and that he preys and feeds on innocence, the vulnerable and unsuspecting and that he attacks and takes parts of the Soul. He is also a sex demon and that is also how he attacks innocence.

I've know for quite some time that they are trying to stop me, but the e-mail just gave me added incentive to get my book out…

And so the journey goes…


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