Post 126 Casting your pearls before swine

After Post 124, I felt that I wasn’t finished that the Unconditional Love tribe and as I was invited to come back, I rejoined the group. It didn’t take lobe before I got involved in another topic called.. “What if all saw each other as mirrors?”

I though that this time instead of sharing what I know, that I’d share what I’ve experienced, that brought me the knowing I have. Turns out they didn’t like me sharing my experiences either, as I got the following reply after I shared an experience.

“I'm thinking some would rather tell a story about how they already know whats going on inside them instead of actually trying the exercise.

There is a difference between doing and knowing. which was what this whole post was about. Once you make up a story about how you don't think something will help you, or that you already have things figured out, you miss the point of trying new things that get you outside of your own reasoning.”

So as the topic was about mirrors, I felt they were showing me that no matter how I presented it.. Whether I shared my knowing or my experiences, they didn’t want to hear. The other day I kept hearing “casting pearls before the swine” but I ignored it. I pressed on only to prove it for myself, that the voice correct. It’s still a good lesson and experience as now I know as I have experienced it first hand. "Been there done that"

What I didn’t accept from them and what I gave back to them (their reflection) was all their assumptions, judgments, innuendos and out right denials and mendacity. I couldn’t believe how blatantly they were lying and in denial. Even when I’d copy and paste the words they said, they would just deny and make another false accusation.

So much for that “Unconditional Love tribe” Yuk!

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