Post 130 Every experience has two sides

Marian told me this morning that she got a call from Janice's husband saying that the twins were still OK and that now the Doctors were concentrating on preventing infection in both the boys and Janice.

After she told me that, I got that part of the twins destiny path was to also experience lovelessness and to feel and experience heartbreak, terror, anger and rage and feel the hopelessness of not being accepted and loved, and feel only the unbearable indifference of unlovelessnes. In order to experience that, they had to get to the point where they would sooner choose death and unconsciousness as a means of escaping what they felt was unbearable, which was the pain of feeling nothing, or the feeling of lovelessness. It's was at that point that they also choose LIFE.

I feel in this moment, that they are not only going to survive, but that they will thrive and LIVE LIFE.

And so the journey goes.


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