Post 136 Web Pages and Sun hurt eyes.

Aug 12 Sunday 3:00 p.m. Today I’m noticing that any web page that has unloving content, hurts my eyes and I can’t look at it with pain. It’s like looking at a bright hurtful light. If I make the intent to see what they are saying, then it’s OK, but just to glance at the page is painful.

As I wrote that I was thin king of the sun and how it has changed. I can’t remember, but it must be a couple of months ago I noticed that I could look directly at he sun and for an extended period of time with it hurting my eyes. I could see the solar flares and sun spots. Before the Sun changed, I would only be able to look upon it foe a few seconds. These past few weeks I’ve tried to look at eth sun and I can’t even begin to focus on it as it is just too brilliant; totally opposite of what I was seeing a few weeks prior.

I asked, “What changed?” I got an answer. The Zetas, in conjunction with a request from the us government have set up an artificial sun between the Earth and the Sun, in a sync orbit with the Earth so that it is always in the same position in front of the Sun. There is more, and for those of you who notices such things, I though I would mention it.


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