Post 145 Me, Myself and I

‘07 Aug 19 Sunday 2:00 a.m. I awoke from this dream/vision where I was listening to the voice of the manager. He was saying that he was not me, but the one who organized me to take care of daily business. He did what he was programmed and told to do since he first began to manage me when I was too young to look after myself. It was tough for him because things were always changing and he had to try to compete with all the others that were also trying to manage and control me.

He’s saying that while he’s not quitting, he is retiring in a sense, as he now feels that I can look after me for myself. It’s going to feel quiet without him around to guide me and tell me what to do, but I also feel excited to be free to do what I want to do.

Hummm? I’m just feeling that me, myself and I are my Mind, Will and Body but not in that order or any fixed order for that matter, as each are and can be called by either name. I never thought of it that way although I’ve always wondered who they represented.

I saw him walking away and I said, “Good bye my friend and thank you for helping me become and find me, myself and I.”

He kept walking and didn’t turn his head but nodded an acknowledgement as he stuffed his hands into his pants pockets and continued to walk down one of the two dusty old paths cut into a field of meadow grass that headed West toward the setting sun. In the distance I could see hills, trees, lakes and rivers.

As he moved out of sight I was wondering why there were two paths worn into the grass and I felt that the other was, the “other” path I could have chosen to get me to this point. That’s a nice memory and one that I shall not forget.

2:16 a.m. I realized that while there were these two paths in front of me to show me where I had come from or could have come from, there was no path behind me. It’s not like I was continuing on my path or that I had come to another fork in the road, but the realization that I had come to the end of the path, of a journey. Where I was headed from here was to the East and the rising Sun. There is no path before me, only untouched meadow grass that has never been walked on, and where I’m going I’ll not be wearing a path into the Earth, I’ll just be leaving my foot prints. While it sounds and feels wonderful it’s also scary as now I feel that I’m really alone. But just as I said that I heard a voice say, “No, me, myself and I are with you and now it will be a completely different journey, one from the Heart Centre.”


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