Post 146 Denial and Spirit Polarity People and Emotions

‘07 Aug 24 Wednesday 8:42 a.m. There is confusion by the people that "feel" as to why so many people seem to have little or no problem with their emotions. Controlling and denying their emotions is what seems to make them happy, yet for those that feel, this is an impossible task as no amount of denial ever seems to work. As hard as it is to believe that we are not all the same, what needs to be recognized is that the people that have no problem with their emotions are either Denial Spirits or of the Spirit polarity and as such have little or no Will essence which is the feeling and emotional aspect of our being.

Although Denial Spirits and Spirit Polarity people don’t, or have very little emotion, that doesn’t mean that they can’t exhibit feelings or what looks like feelings and emotions. What they exhibit is an act, a ploy, to create the illusion of being real so that they can get what they want that makes them feel in control and therefore happy. For them, having a positive attitude, using affirmations and anything that gets them out of their boredom and back in the in direction they want is all good.

The reason that they are able to disassociate and detach themselves from any unpleasant experiences so easily is because there is little if any magnetic energy or Will essence and so there is little or no magnetic emotional draw related to the experiences. If the present experience makes them happy or excited then the next experience has to be bigger or better. Having the same old experience just doesn’t cut it for these people who are easily bored. Society says that these people have a “positive” attitude, a strong drive for success and a passion for life. In reality, the reason they want more out of life is because they are never happy and they need new conquests to make them feel alive. Even pain gives them pleasure.


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